Approach & working methodology

As a delegated project developer, we aim to make an impact. Together with our clients, we create national and international sustainable, high-quality real estate developments. We not only consider the well-being of people, animals, and the environment, but also focus on planning and budgeting. With each project, we put ourselves in our clients' shoes to maximize its potential. That's how we strive to make a difference.

Our approach & working method is based on 6 pillars:

Delegated Project Developer of High-Quality Real Estate

Volantess develops sustainable projects with a unique story. In an innovative manner, we add ecological, social, and economic value to our clients’ real estate. With a keen eye for detail, environment, and budget, we ensure that the desired result is achieved responsibly.

Making an Impact

Volantess was founded in 2022 based on a shared passion: the development of sustainable, high-quality real estate. As a delegated project developer, we aim to make an impact both domestically and internationally. That’s why we build for the world of tomorrow. By bringing real estate projects to fruition in a sustainable and innovative way, we create high-quality real estate with low operational costs that align with ESG objectives.

Creative & Smart Concepts

We realize creative and smart concepts, from highly sustainable logistics centers to gas-free residential complexes. We enjoy challenging ourselves in this regard. For each project, our team explores the application of new techniques, sustainable materials, and digitization. We go the extra mile to create comfortable, innovative, and healthy real estate that harmonizes with the surroundings. Ideally, we enhance local nature and biodiversity, thereby adding even more value.

We Take Care of Everything

Together with our clients or on behalf of them, we ensure the successful completion of the project. From land acquisition to design and obtaining the necessary permits, we handle everything. We also oversee pricing and contract coordination from start to finish. During the implementation phase, we keep a close eye on everything: is everything proceeding according to plan? Upon completion, we provide accurate as-built documents and warranties, allowing for seamless project maintenance. Our team can handle everything according to your preferences, or we can step in at any (partial) stage to ensure the project’s success.

7 x BREEAM Outstanding

Although Volantess is a young company, our team has years of experience working together. So far, we have achieved 7 BREEAM Outstanding certifications for the development of sustainable distribution centers. Being recognized for the knowledge and experience of our team is a great compliment. The remarkable design of The Tube distribution center in Tilburg  is an example of this. Another example is the realization of the unique design of the circular apartment complex Juf Nienke in IJburg. It is currently the most sustainable residential building in Amsterdam.

Get Inspired

Personal approach

First, we take the time to listen attentively. What are our clients’ visions, goals, and desires? Armed with this knowledge, we employ our creativity, energy, and knowledge to achieve a successful result. Each project is assigned a dedicated specialist who serves as a single point of contact for all inquiries. Not only clients receive our full attention, we also work closely together. We make optimum use of each other’s expertise, and where necessary we deploy our broad network of experts. Thanks to years of collaborating, our team is well-coordinated. This ensures consistency and keeps us sharp.

Maximizing value creation

Regardless of the budget, we are committed to prioritizing sustainability, thereby generating ecological, social, and real estate value. We focus on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), considering both acquisition costs and operational expenses throughout the operational phase of the building life cycle. All this requires creative and innovative solutions, for which we have the knowledge and experience in-house. Our expertise has been employed in the development of various smart building concepts, including a circular housing project with interconnected wooden prefab modules called Juf Nienke in Amsterdam and the gas-free distribution center, The Tube, in Tilburg.

CO2 reduction

The emission of CO₂ is one of the main contributors to the current climate challenges we face today. Both the construction and real estate sectors significantly contribute to this emission. However, we see this as a challenge and a prime opportunity to make a meaningful impact. To address this, , we actively apply the Trias Energetica strategy, encompassing three vital steps:

  • We minimize energy consumption to effectively reduce CO₂ emissions.
  • We focus on energy generation from renewable sources such as solar and wind.
  • In cases where reliance on fossil fuels is unavoidable, we ensure the utmost efficiency in their usage.

We have extensive experience in BREEAM certification, the international sustainability label for creating sustainable buildings with minimal environmental impact. To date, our team has achieved 7 BREEAM Outstanding scores.

Nature-inclusive construction

For every project, we consider how the building can be seamlessly integrated into the landscape and its surroundings, while showing respect for (local) flora and fauna. Our aim is to enhance the local nature and biodiversity whenever possible. Together with an ecologist from our network, we investigate the local flora & fauna at the start of a project and integrate it into the plan, for example by placing a bat hotel or toad pool. From step one, we take into account the (im)possibilities and (legal) obligations for nature. In this way we limit the chance of delay and the associated costs. This may involve features such as the placement of a bat hotel or a frog pond. Right from the beginning, we take into account the (im)possibilities and (legal) obligations regarding nature conservation. By doing so, we minimize the risk of delays and the associated costs.


We contribute to people’s well-being by focusing on the creation of healthy buildings where you can work, live or spend time comfortably and pleasurably. In addition to BREEAM certification, we have experience in constructing buildings according to the WELL standard. This international certification scheme promotes the health and well-being of occupants through 11 key themes: air, water, food, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mental health, social health and innovation.


Creating real estate is one thing. As a delegated real estate developer, we go for the extra mile. Our credo is to provide comprehensive support, taking care of everything according to your needs: from the complete development of a building to facilitating the transfer to the end investor. We also supervise the pricing and coordination of the (lease) contracts from start to finish, including the entire execution and aftercare. Regardless of the project’s stage – whether it’s in the beginning, middle, or final phase – we step in and ensure its success. Whether it involves land acquisition, conducting due diligence investigations, obtaining the necessary permits, or securing financing, we handle it all. Within the given deadline and budget.

Interested in making an impact as well? Give us a call at +31 (0) 85 060 66 97 or email us at info@volantess.com.

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